Community Health Services for Tulli Village, Provided by AUCHS

27 December 2018
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Department of Research and Community Service, Amoud University College of Health Sciences (AUCHS) has provided community health services for Dareymacane and Sh. Osman village, Borama districts since 2005. This time the department extended health outreach activities to some other Borama districts including Tulli and Garayocawl and also Dilla districts such as Dilla, Sabowanag, and Duudweyne. The department planned to visit and delivered health services to all different communities in these areas.

This time department prepared special team for community outreach in Tulli village which is almost 23 KM away from Borama town and estimated 250 households.

The team consists in 6 supervisors including 2 medical doctors one from each dentistry, laboratory, pharmacy and public health professional supervisors. in addition to 23 senior students including 6 from Medical students, 5 dental students, 3 laboratory students, 3 pharmacy students and 6 public health students.

The team provided Tulli communities for full package for health screaming including all outpatient services for both under and over five years of age, mother and child care, pregnant women, dental services such extraction, filling  and cleaning, health education and promotion and made referral for emergency cases observed in the village. Team worked as a team for caring patients unable to get health service and assessed patients by doing all basic necessary investigations as well as to provide them available suitable medications.

The department prepared all materials and supplies to cover these activities including medical metrials and drugs, basic laboratory materials and facilities, dental materials and facilities, health education stickers and materials need for team in order to work communities for free of charge in all health facilities.  Thus, team both students and supervisor was proud to serve for their needful communities and feeling happiness for this duty. Our vision is not only working in Awdal region, but we hope to reach communities in distant sites throughout the country.


A Section of AUCHS Lecturers and Students, in Tulli Village.
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