Abdirashid Dahir Aye, Dean, School of Pharmacy AUCHS

Dean, School of Pharmacy

06 December 2018
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It was established in the academic year 2010-2011 with the aim of producing qualified pharmacists who would contribute to the post war recovery of Somaliland pharmaceutical system. Its academic program is designed for four years of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of pharmacy. The pharmaceutical sector has been the least developed area in Somaliland and Somalia. Prior to the civil war, the government was unable to procure drugs. Drug supplies were largely dependent on foreign aid. Today, drugs are brought to the country mainly through two channels: through the international aid organizations or through the private sector. Pharmaceuticals have become a big business and pharmacy shops have mushroomed in every corner of all towns and cities. Although private pharmacies supply remote areas with much-needed drugs, the quality of the drugs sold in those pharmacies has been questioned. In addition, most of the drugs used are suspected to be generic, thus putting the already vulnerable patients to great risk. In order to find a solution for this problem the School of Pharmacy was established.

The curriculum is community oriented pharmacy education with a learning experience for the student and services to the communities and is designed in such a way that its courses are as much as possible integrated and community oriented. Educational strategy of the curriculum gives more emphasis on strategies that encourage active learning to provide students with up-to date skills, knowledge and attitude and to prepare them to be competent in a challenging, constantly changing and multicultural working environment.

Abdirashid Dahir Aye,

Dean, School of Pharmacy ACHS

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