ACHS School of Public Health & Nutrition

ACHS School of Public Health & Nutrition


Amoud School of Public Health (SPH) was established in the academic year September of 2012- 2013 as part of the College of Health Sciences. It was established in academic year 2012-2013 as part of the Amoud College of Health Sciences and the first of its kind in Somaliland and Somalia. The program is designed for four years of study leading to the degree of bachelor of Public Health.

There is a complex threat of rapidly spreading and emerging infectious diseases( Communicable and non-communicable disease) as well as changing lifestyles, a strong health workforce is essential. Building the human resources for health should not only include healthcare professionals like physicians and nurses but must take into consideration public health practitioners and  strengthened primary healthcare systems to increase coverage and address the basic health needs of societies. This is especially true in low and middle-income countries like our country where healthcare access is a critical challenge. To respond to this crisis, policies and actions are needed to address the dynamics of the health, the production and management of the health workforce and to strengthen the performance of existing health systems. Schools of public health need to be developed to improve the range of capacity and leadership in addition to the traditional training of healthcare managers and researchers. To respond Amoud College of Health Sciences have started the School of Public Health to focus on Policy formulation, Strategic planning, Health services financing, Coordination of health services, Service provision, management, Leadership and good Governance.

The educational programme of the school of public health aims to provide the students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become oriented public health professionals who take the leadership roles within the public health issues and meet the current and future challenges of public health issues as to improve the quality of life and the population’s health of the country. The curriculum provides the broad systemic understanding, critical thinking skills, and leadership training needed to tackle today’s complex public health challenges. The public health post graduate program was started academic year 2012-2013. It is designed for two years of study  leading to master of public health. It is primarily concerned with the promotion of health, prevention of disease and prolonging life. The purpose of the MPH programme is to equip its graduates with knowledge and skills to improve the standards of health of people, through training public health specialists with a hands-on approach in disease prevention, leadership and management of programs at community and institutional levels.

The programme is tailored to various public and community health priority areas thus allowing a wider range of choices for students with different backgrounds.

The SPH is one of the sixth faculties of the college of health sciences. Its academic program is designed for four years leading to a bachelor degree of public health. It is the first school of public health of its kind in Somaliland/Somalia which offers a world class standard program. The school of public health is a demanding, interdisciplinary program emphasizing active, student-directed learning, problem solving, and the acquisition of skills essential to the practice of public health.

The program provides many opportunities for education, research, and community involvement in the advancement of the knowledge in public health disciplines and to improve the quality of life and the population’s health. The course aims to equip students with skills needed to appreciate and analyze public health problems in the country Somaliland /Somalia, and to design and evaluate actions to improve public health services.

The Program Goal

The goal of the program is to produce practically oriented public health professionals who possess the knowledge, skills and professional attitudes required to assume leadership roles within the public health systems and issues to meet the current and future challenges of public health.

The Specific Objectives

  1. Strengthen the capacity for implementing health service at the district level, including priority setting and resource allocation.
  2. Prepare public health practitioners to work within an integrated multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral health system
  3. Promote linkages between institutions providing public health training locally, nationally, regionally and worldwide.
  4. Create new knowledge, new experience, new innovative ways, new information and findings will be applied to community settings; as well carry out essential national research.


Increasingly it is recognized that the program is to tackle public health problems.
The Public Health Curriculum supports a number of outcomes into a wide range of Public Health professionals. The curriculum provides a framework for the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences of the students an enabling environment that has been created for the achievement of competency based outcomes

Who can apply?

The program is open to both national and international students whether living within and outside of the borders of Somaliland, who should preferably be fulfilling minimum admission requirements.  

Admission Requirement

The program is a four-year that consists:  one year freshman basic courses and three year focusing public health program studies leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Public Health. There is a minimum 3 cumulative grade point average (GPA) entrance requirement after fresh year courses.

How to apply?

Application forms and guidelines can be obtained from the Amoud University Collage of Health Science, office of School of Public Health registration

How is the program organized?

This is a fulltime learning program therefore students enrolled into this program are expected to study mostly on their own, using learning materials provided to them at the beginning of each semester.

Facilities available for Public Health learning students:

School of public health has offered students apart from academics; training and practical research and also community field practice under the PH fulltime program.

Academic Calendar

The university operates on a semester system and academic year commences mid September the previous calendar year and continues until mid July the following calendar year. There is a one month holiday break after the first semester and a two –month holiday at the end of the academic year.

Students enrollment

#    class    # students
1    1st year  Public Health    27
2    2nd year Public Health    37
3    Masters students    20
total    total    84

Tel 1: + 252 63-4697114
Tel 2: + 252 63-4455191    

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Service

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