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Ridwan Mohamed, a Medical Laboratory Sciences Student at Amoud

Laboratory Technology Skills Laboratory

07 December 2018
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It was established in the academic year of 2010-2011 with the aim to produce medical technologist with knowledge, skills and attitudes who are able to fill the gap in the health working force of the laboratories. Its academic program is designed for four years of  study leading Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT).

Balance Machine at Medical Laboratory Sciences Skills Lab
Balance Machine at Medical Laboratory Sciences Skills Lab

It’s curriculum is community oriented education and combines theoretical knowledge of the basic natural and medical sciences with the skillful use of sophisticated equipment and techniques to provide vital information that may be required for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, quality control, quality assurance and research to formulate the policies and measures for the prevention of diseases.

The educational program is designed to produce professionals who can use the knowledge they have acquired to develop their countries and improve the quality of lives of their people.

Centrifuge Machine at Medical Laboratory Sciences Skills Lab
Centrifuge Machine at Medical Laboratory Sciences Skills Lab

There are Inadequacies in laboratory infrastructure and a low national priority and neglected, not only because of more pressing health problems and emergencies but also because of lack of manpower, skills and equipment which finally leads to under utilization of laboratory services available. Health care
programs dictated by donor agencies often do not consider broader regional needs or make provisions for overall sustainability.

The migration of skilled laboratory personnel due to the civil unrest deteriorates the situation. The majority of hospitals cannot consistently provide even these basic services in a quality-controlled fashion. unreliable and inaccurate laboratory diagnostic testing leads to unnecessary expenditures in a country already plagued by resource shortages, promotes the perception that laboratory testing is unhelpful, and compromises patient care.

Chemistry Analyzer Machine at Medical Laboratory Sciences Skills Lab
Chemistry Analyzer Machine at Medical Laboratory Sciences Skills Lab

Amoud School of lab technology was established to initiate new source of producing skilled laboratory personnel to ensure accurate laboratory services
that contribute well to the patient care and secure physicians' confidence in applying laboratory results to their daily practice.

The curriculum is community oriented education with emphasis on self-learning to develop in the students the ability and willingness to pursue their own learning after graduation to become competent lab technicians and community oriented. The School is also committed to advance knowledge about health through research in all areas related to health care including basic science, clinical science education and studies related to methods for the delivery of health care.


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