Highlights of ACHS School of Nursing

Highlights of ACHS School of Nursing

Highlights of ACHS School of Nursing.

Amoud Nursing School was established in the academic year 2006-2007. Its academic program is designed for four years and is to meet the educational requirements of the nursing students who are enrolled in the Baccalaureate nursing program at Amoud University. It is the first nursing school in Somaliland/Somalia which offers a degree programme in nursing. The purpose of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program at Amoud University is to provide quality nursing education which prepares graduate students for professional nursing practice as generalists. It Prepares graduates who will be able to contribute to the development of nursing education, nursing administration, nursing research and address the challenges facing the healthcare system of Somaliland /Somalia.
The courses in the curriculum emphasize communication skills, critical thinking, professionalism and the development of lifelong learning. Curricula will be built around an integration of knowledge and practice and will focus on a holistic view of individuals, groups, families and communities. The program will help them acquire a range of professional nursing skills that will enable them to work with clients in a variety of areas such as health promotion, prevention, acute and chronic care. Graduates of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program will be able to: Function effectively as nurses in a hospital and in a community setting. Exhibit personal and professional development responsive to change nursing, healthcare and society, develop professional and leadership skills to design, coordinate and improve the healthcare system of Somalia.
Concerning maternal and neonatal health more than 90% of women deliver at home and more than half are assisted by a traditional birth attendant. Access to skilled delivery care and emergency obstetric care is poor and rural and nomadic populations are virtually without access to timely obstetric intervention. The present pool of qualified reproductive health staff is small, aged and under-trained with a grave shortage of qualified midwives. Urban clustering of qualified midwives and doctors leaves rural areas relying heavily on auxiliary staff, most of who are inadequately trained for their job. Doctors are presently graduating in small numbers whilst midwifery education does not exist all. Because of this Amoud Nursing School has recognized the value of the midwifery education programme due to the urgent need to address maternal health issues which had been neglected for the last decades and started a Bachelor of midwifery dividing its students at second year of study. One group studies general nursing and the other group studies midwifery and Diploma of community midwife to increase the access both for the rural and urban areas to fill the gap in the working force of the reproductive health.
The Community midwifery curriculum uses the same structure and principles as the Post-basic midwifery programme. Indeed many of the learning experiences are the same despite some differences in job description. It differs mainly in their level of knowledge and understanding of the theory and evidence that underpin midwifery practice. The educational Programme presents broadly a core content addressed at different levels In order to achieve designation as skilled birth attendants (WHO undated) and fulfil the ICM Definition of the Midwife (ICM 2011 and Annexe 1) and the Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice (ICM 2010a and Annexe 3) and to address the indicator of proportion of deliveries attended by skilled birth attendants for MDG 5.


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